Estudio Cano-Lasso

This video was finished in 2007. Before it was made I was trying to produce some video work focused on abstract imagery and sound, exploring the rhythmic patterns of colour and visual fields of music and noise. This video was the first one in which the aesthetic standards of the subject matter were fixed into something particular and alien to my practice. In a way, the projects of Estudio Cano Lasso were approached from and abstract point of view, questioning the physicality of the built spaces and denying all possible contact with reality.

The Sophisticated Lady

These two videos feature SelgasCano office in Madrid. The first one is a romanticization of the design. It portrays the construction as a lady, a sophisticated one, with her character, her moods, her temper and spirit. The office is presented as a living organism. Its use is undefined, it has personality of its own.
The second video describes the office from a completely different perspective. This video focuses on the uses and life around the architecture. The essence of the construction relies in the daily implication of the people that work in it, in the coexistence with the nature that surrounds it.

Auditorium under Construction

This is a video in which I participated as an editor. The featured building is an Auditorium and Congress Palace, designed by SelgasCano, in Plasencia, Cáceres, that is still under construction. Today, like a naked cyclop, whose big concrete body erects on top of a hill, the building remains unfinished. Therefore, I wanted to preserve the secrecy and mystique that surrounds a work in progress. The aesthetics of the actual state of the structure and the finished building doesn't link together. The concrete structure is heavy and opaque, but the project suggests lightness and transparency, almost like a crystal formation. This video could be a testimony of that metamorphosis.