Isabel Mallet's Lizard Skin

This little publication from 2011, directly based on the collage studies that Isabel was making around that time, is a conglomerate of skins from different species of lizards mounted on transparent plastic covers. The arrangement of the different cut-outs composes the image of a lizard that folds in accordion into a perfect square, where the different types of skins mix in an organized but random accumulation of colours and shapes.

The following species are depicted from tongue to tail:
1.Tiliqua Scincoides
3.Draco Volans
4.Basiliscus Basiliscus
5.Cychoromorphus Gerardii
6.Gonatodes Albogularis
7.Ameiva Ameiva
8.Brachylophus Vitiensis
9.Phelsuma Cepediana
10.Varanus Giganteus
11.Morethia Ruficauda Exquisita
12.Crotaphytus Collaris
13.Amblyrhyncus Cristatus
14.Varanus Panoptes
15.Heloderma Suspectum
16.Oedura Tryoni
17.Cordylus Cataphractus
18.Eublepharus Macularius
19.Cyrtodactylus Louisiadensis
20.Eumeces Fasciatus
21.Chlamydosaurus Kingii
22.Bradypodion Damaranum